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Welcome to Department of Aviation Services and Management 


     1. In order to educate and train human resources in national and international air transportation, both in passengers cargo, logistics and related firlds, this Department provides all and training cources with facilities, many professional teachers. It is expected that all graduates are able to have basic knowledge of civil aviation. 
     2. With its job-oriented program, the goal of this department is also to make all graduates get employed immediately after graduation. 


     1. All materials of the curriculums are accorded to international conventions annexes regulations and rules of IATA and national laws.
     2. The training facilities for both passenger and cargo business of aviation are well
     3. The Department has always kept close relationship with CAA and aviation industries.
     4. The activities of on-site visit to aviation-related companies and speeches in
special topics by aviation experts are held regularly.
     5. Most students of the fourth years would be arranged to work in the airlines, international logistics etc for one-year internship program. Therefore all students are expected to be employed as soon as possible because of their practical working experience and specific knowledge of air service and management.






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